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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Learn wisdom tooth and the nation and how to wear it and treatment

Why called wisdom tooth name ?

!! Wisdom tooth
There are many questions going on in our memories
To know more about this tooth
Including ....

Why called wisdom tooth name?
How many wisdom teeth?
And related problems?

since it is another natural teeth that mouth. Usually it appears between the ages of eighteen and fifth
Twenty, a maturity of thought and mental balanced period, hence the name wisdom tooth .. In
Imagine that wisdom tooth appears at a later age to include all teeth and closes the open spaces between
Molars thereby preventing the accumulation of waste and number four wisdom teeth two upper jaw and two jaw
Ambassly.onzera because they are the last teeth that show oral Too often Atjd her mouth and thus a place
Either that remain buried in the bones of the jaw college, or trying to emerge in part, any part of the mouth and the rest
shows Buried the bones of the jaw.


The most prominent reasons for non-appearance of wisdom teeth are: the disappearance of its bud from the beginning.
- The small size of the jaw so that does not allow for the growth or the appearance of wisdom tooth.
- Wisdom tooth could grow accidental or oblique does not allow him to appear jaw.

problems related Bdhars mind
Many people suffer from severe pain when the emergence of a wisdom tooth, and also pain even when he was in the bone. Many reasons for this phenomenon, which is not considered a disease, and the sum total of these reasons thus:

1) there is not enough space in the lower jaw or upper give the space required for this tooth growth and eruption leading to the creation of the complications is the pressure on neighboring molars, which in turn you press the rest of the teeth, leading to the emergence of severe pain at the level of the jaw whole, and this pain is a three-foot trend called Duck: fully in the jaw, ear and neck area, and thirdly in the head area in the form of migraine headache.


2) wisdom tooth growth abnormally either horizontally or vertically, where the emergence or growth axis is tilted about the right level of occlusion, and this in turn leads to severe infections in the Axis area, pressure on neighboring areas.

3) Non-emergence of the tooth completely, any emergence partial, leading to continued severe pain because of an attempt wisdom tooth of emergence without interest, and this is caused by the lack of sufficient area for the full emergence, or fusion wisdom tooth bone around him, which prevents him from properly emerge.

4) Failure to use the foods that were covered by the human foot, which characterized these foods Baksautea and its need for heavy chewing, with the development of the quality of the foods covered by the human, responded to the jaw of this development to reduce the number of molars needed in chewing, and this led to radical changes in the sprocket Mind, eventually lead to completely disappeared.

- Wisdom tooth may cause pain becomes the focus between now and then as a result of pressure wisdom tooth on the lower jaw nerve, and pain extends to ear
The eye teeth or jaw.
- When the wisdom tooth is inclined to the adjacent tooth pushing it, causing severe pain, and in this situation italics collects food waste updated Tsusa in both Aldharsin

The symptoms that accompany the pain wisdom tooth is 1) severe trilogy trend pain: in the entire jaw, ear and neck, in the head, because of the wisdom tooth site Almenzoa when the upper jaw angle or lower, especially the bottom.
2) pressure on the muscles embryonic parallel and to the top of the jaw , leading to the inability to open the mouth at all.

3) causing great Ihabat in the jaw and gums.

4) the appearance of bulges (swelling) as a reaction to the great pressure on the tissue.

Remedial Measures:
Go to the dentist immediately upon the appearance of these symptoms, which in turn is thus:

Check the area of ​​pain to put the correct diagnosis and to exclude any other reasons for this pain, and the work of an x-ray of the jaw (PANORAMIC X-RAY) In order to determine the nature of the growth of the tooth in the jaw and its direction and root length and curves, until you take the nature of proper treatment in the extraction, After a full diagnosis put the tooth pulled immediately.

What complications after divorce:
1) severe swelling in the area of ​​divorce, because of Astjabhalansjh surrounding the divorce process,

2) pain after the divorce, and the pain is either in the region or dislocation in the full extended to the head and neck.

3) infections after the divorce, and be caused by exposure area in which divorce was made to microbes found the area suitable for various inflammatory environment.

4) lack of blood clotting correctly in the divorce area due to a phenomenon called (Dry Soccet) and a summary of this phenomenon is that divorce is not the area of ​​blood clotting correctly because of the dry, drought occurs there leads to severe pain in the form of electric shocks

How to treat these complications following
The appearance of puffiness: cool masks are put on a regular basis and a day on the Bulge area, eating the right medicine for the swelling, and the most suitable drug for the swelling is (DANZEN).

2) the pain of post-divorce: are taking the necessary painkillers that can eliminate this pain, and the best person to be giving the patient an injection analgesic daily for 3 days, eating with another analgesic, such as the (BRUFEN, ADVEL, DICLOFEN .....). . or any other types according to consult a doctor.

3) post-divorce infections: antibiotic eating too much, and this based on the doctor's prescription, but the appropriate antibiotic and a favorite of dentists is a combination of two drugs (Lincomycin and METRANIDAZOL)

4) lack of blood clotting: Go to the dentist until the bulldozed area and find a dry moisture with the situation in the cavity area herb helps to normal clotting.

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