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AfterDeath Antivirus

Flash Memory Antivirus - autorun virus remover, shortcut virus remover, e5188982.exe , .trashes virus remover

How to fix your Flash memory drive and also clean it ?Are you tired cleaning your flash memory drive from autorun viruses?

How to remove "Worm/Dorkbot" virus from your windows?

  Remove "Win32/Sality" virus from your flash drive and windows

Is your USB drive infected with ."trashes" virus ?

,TO Remove Shortcut Virus From Pen drives and Memory Cards
Now the solution with

" After Death Antivirus "

Developed by ENG . Mohamed Gaber

     First, I am going to explain the behavior of virus (e5188982.exe or Dorbotfir      
and the damage which will happen to flash memory also your computer windows
Let's begin

1- The virus converts files of your hard drive into shortcuts.

2- A dialogue box opens when you click those shortcuts, showing the message "Windows cannot find drive\RECYCLER\e5188982.exe Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again".

3-While you trying to delete/remove it using any popular antivirus(Free Version) , you still not able to retrieve any of your data because the files are in super hidden mode( protected by the system).
4- the virus copy itself to your operating system(any windows version) infecting the registry key and windows system files. when you try to insert any other flash drive in this infected windows , the USB drive will catch the virus and subsequently will infect another computer and so on ,
What is the damage caused by the virus

The virus was designed to steal :
The Email passwords
Facebook account
your bank accounts ,credit cards credentials and your electronic bank accounts
Now, how can I clean my USB flash drive?

2-Select the drive and scanning by list drop down.

3-Delete the suspicious files by clicking " delete" button

4- Fixing the flash drive using "S.H.F" button to restore folders from the hidden to visible folders

After Death basically performs three functions: *Deleting auto run viruses from flash drives *Restoring files hidden by viruses *Deleting virus sources in computers to stop the infection cycle
5-After completing please restart your system.


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